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Randolph A. Celebrini 

Canadian Professional Fine Art Painter


Randolph A. Celebrini (1969 - )

is an award-winning Canadian artist and professional fine art painter that has been recognized for his paintings and outdoor "plein air" working methods of both the urban and natural landscape. His work has been internationally collected and featured in major media. He has developed extensive collections of original artwork investigating and depicting life in cities and natural topography of British Columbia as well as a specific urban collection of downtown Toronto. He is also a recognized sport science practitioner and physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience in elite athletics.

" I am in my spirit entirely an outdoor painter - even in studio it is there to prepare and connect deeper with the direct experience of painting directly from life ... this rainforest and and the ocean's edge has been my classroom, I have learned to paint this region, its language, rhythm and spirit by placing myself in the middle of it, my training was important, it allowed me to accept the challenge of constant growth (that) this subject demands."

- Randolph A. Celebrini