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Recent Work : Coronavirus Series

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I can think of no other name for this time and the art it has inspired. We will all look back at this time and how we have been impacted, each in our own way. We have been very fortunate as a family and have had the opportunity to just continue on with what we do, adjusting as we go. Not surprisingly it has been a very productive month both in studio as well as plein air. One must take advantage of these times and go deeper, embrace the process. It has been a challenging but wonderful time.

I discussed with the people that watched today at Esquimalt Beach, we are all very thankful to be outside and experiencing the ocean - this is a prerequisite to create art. There were many comments on the magic of the mountains this past week. An idea becomes an investigation and finally an expression.

Preparation : dramatic view of local mountains on the ocean

Drawing : quick gesture and contour lines

Imprimatura : the blues

The Expression / Completion

Seascape : Study of the Beach and Mountains at Esquimalt Lagoon SPRING 2020

Watercolour and White Gouache , Pencil and Black Pen on 300 lb Arches Wc Paper

That was the River ...

This is the Sea

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