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Foundational Skill Development Workshops 


The essence of fine art training for the developing artist is a change in how one sees the world



Old Master Methods 

Paul Chizik 





Learn how to see the world through the eyes of the Old Masters. Mr Paul Chizik trained at the Florence Academy of Art has been painting professionally for over 40 years and has taught Old Master Methods to students throughout this time. His courses provide direct and concise information on how to learn from the old Masters along with their materials and methodology and provides an inspiring depth of knowledge into the history of these artists . You will come out of this workshop with a visual understanding of how to produce a copy of a favourite painting , a tool that will facilitate an artists development for a lifetime.



Foundational Drawing Skills / Drawing the Human Body in Motion 

Randolph Celebrini 

Academy Philosophy 

As one begins to develop the ability to see clearly what is there , one may connect with the vast and unique potential of creativity that leads to fine art expression. 

Understanding the use of materials and methodology follows closely one’s ability to see the world with heightened focus and enhanced clarity. 


As we see more clearly and confidently what is there before us, we also begin to believe in the potential to express this experience in a multitude of ways, including all the important little things , that are subtle and at times hidden, which at first we may not yet understand.


This is creative discovery, a most magical moment and process.


Skill development in fine art starts with developing this ability to see what is there , without preconceived ideas and symbolic preconception ( thank you to Micheal Britton). 


Creativity begins with an attitude of curiosity and experimentation, and must include the humility to be open to constant learning and growth. 


The ability to observe , investigate , analyze , interpret and express is the bubbling fountain that provides the energy for  creative flow. 


‘ the one thing I can say about my work with complete honesty and confidence is that I never hit a block , I am always productive , and only rarely frustrated or satisfied ‘ 


Randolph A Celebrini 



Seeing is not just a foundational skill for artists but anyone who wants to develop a clear understanding of their work and function with freedom and creativity 




Chapter 1 The Eye and The Brain 


Chapter 2 Drawing 


Chapter 3 Sketching 


Chapter 4 Painting Methodology 


  • Colour Theory 

  • Composition 


Chapter 5 Old Master Methods 


Chapter 6 Working Outdoors


Chapter 7 Working In Studio 

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