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Filmed on location in Tofino, B.C. on Chesterman Beach, in the rainforest, and on Frank Island by Tae Hoon Kim. Randy Celebrini was the Creativity Award recipient featured at the 50th Anniversary of Capilano University gathering in October 2019.

VTV Calendar Project Interview Thumbnail

The Calendar Project was a compilation of images of original artwork by Randy Celebrini used to raise awareness for a soup kitchen/coffee shop in the neighbourhood featured as well as the human issues facing the downtown eastside. Sales were used to raise funds for the food bank. Local businesses supported and many individuals contributed their time and energy to help the project come to fruition. All paintings were developed outdoors "en plein air" in the downtown eastside from 1998-2000 in either oil or watercolour paint.


"It is the studio of fine art painter Randy Celebrini, a standout for the UBC Thunderbird soccer team in one of its storied dynasty eras. The walls of both floors and the stairway are covered in canvases, large and small. In what normally would be the living room, a dozen or so chairs are aligned theatre style before an easel and electric piano, at which Esther Celebrini will play and sing jazz standards and the odd sultry Gershwin show tune to accompany and inspire the brush strokes of her husband."

Dave Gerry CityPulse ScreenShot.png

Interview with artist Randy Celebrini about his paintings of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. (Sun Building, Woodwards Building, Dominion Building, Gastown)

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