Creativity matters:

Creativity is a universal language. 

If there is an essential quality to the life of an artist it is creativity.

We believe that in this world creativity still matters. We are living in a time when the pragmatic can seem to take priority over everything. Yet life's complex problems require creative solutions. This is a fact. The world still needs artists  and the creative spirit and artists will need to be strong , active and involved . We have made this a commitment in our life and have applied this spirit to every aspect of our life and family. And this is our gallery - fiercely independent we have now existed and created art and music that matters to people for 20 years.

We have just started in my eyes and we will remain committed to keeping the dialogue going and creating the field for young artists to play on , hopefully for generations to come 

University of British Columbia

Blue + Gold Feature Article 2011

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Creativity matters.